Classes that I teach

Classes in the current and forthcoming semester

  • Cloud computing (first time in 2016/2017 academic year)
  • Data analytics and simulations with Python - a course in post-gradaute studies "Data engineering & Big Data"
  • Advanced Simulation Modeling (simulating economic systems in Python)
  • Spreahsheet simulation
  • Decision making - post-gradaute managerial studies

Other classes I used to teach

  • Induced Decision Rules I (class in data mining)
  • Spreahsheet simulation (in English)
  • Induced Decision Rules I (in English)
  • Queuing system simulation (in Polish)
  • Decision Analysis (post-gradaute studies, in Polish)
  • Statistical data analysis (in Polish, labs only)
  • Econometrics (in Polish, labs only)

Duty hours:
Tue, 18.06.2019, 11:40, Aula B
(Students coming to my duty hours are kindly requested to send an email beforehand.)

I currently run BSc and MSc promotion seminars.

The thesis topic should be related somehow to my research iterests. The valid topics include:

  • Cloud computing

  • High performance computing and scientific computing

  • Agent-based simulation and modelling

  • Big Data & Deep Learning

  • Operations research and optimization (and simulation optimization)

  • Topics related to information technology

If your are interested in writing your BSc or MSc thesis in English please do not hestitate to contact me.